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Hello, I am Schnuppi, the golden sniffer dog with the red spots from C&A. I was born in May 1976 in Ireland, my creator is the designer Jimmy Murakami. From the 1990's I was employed in many different versions for the fashion house.

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The 18 different sniffer dogs in plastic (from left to right):

with butterfly on the nose with guitar on skateboard
with dog bowl with sunglasses and drink standing on his head
with diving goggles and flippers with iceskates with drain cover on his head
with shoe in his mouth with newspaper in his mouth sniffing
with a jacket over his head as ice hockey player lying on a cushion
in a cup with a tie over this nose as footballer

Schnuppi with dog bowl

Schnuppi as cudly toy. The smallest is 12 cm high, the biggest 37 cm long.

Here the first version of Schnuppi.

Large new generation get (Dezember 2006).

Schnuppi as a broach, as a key holder and as a figure to press.

Here as a table mat, 10 cm size.

another "Push up Puppet".

3 Schnuppis made from papermache, decorations from C&A shops 35 to 50 cm high.

A "cool" Schnuppi made from papermache.

Schnuppi ties

A small hard plastic figure, without red spots, with hair (Plagiarism?).

Another key holder.

  Schnuppi on a coffee cup  

Schnuppi as hand and/or finger puppet
donated by Thomas Riedel

15 Comics - "Schnuppi's Abenteuer" (Schnuppi's Adventures).

Band 1: Drunter und Drüber (Under and Over) Band 2: Modespione (Fashion Spy) Band 3: Frühjahrsputz (Spring Clean)
Band 4: Eiertanz Band 5: Umwerfend (Stupendous) Band 6: Betriebsausflug (Works holiday)
Band 7: Hoch hinaus (Up and away) Band 8: Eingeschneit (In snow) Band 9: Weihnachtsmänner (Father Christmases)
Band 10: Elektrik-Trick (Electric trick) Band 11: Auf´m Rummel (At the fair) Band 12: Kamera läuft (Action)
Band 13: Zeitgeister (Spirit of the age) Band 14: Es spukt! (A ghost) Band 15: Ahnenforschung (Ancestors)

Here you can see a very large me, with my owner, who has made this collection of me and my friends.

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